At Solarus we utilize only the best products to help you achieve the tan you have always wanted!

Our state of the art equipment can be used to customize a complete tan that is made for you. Tanning involves exposing the skin to safe UV rays in order to achieve darker skin without sun exposure. Tanning is a great option for those who wish to mask scars, reduce acne, and treat other skin conditions. Whether you are looking to achieve a uniform color all around or want to look amazing for your next event, indoor tanning is the perfect solution for you!

Unlike our competitors, we carry the highest quality of UVB products that will leave you with better, natural looking results.

Matrix L33

The Matrix L33 is a smart system that helps you achieve a uniform tan all around. This innovative machine is comfortable, satisfying, and ideal. The higher UVA rays allow for a deeper and long lasting tan, which means you need less maintenance than usual.

Ergoline 600 Classic

The Ergoline 600 Classic is a sunbed that accomplishes outstanding tanning results that last. The full length tanning lamps complete an even all around tan. The wide bed keeps you relaxed while the ventilation system keeps you comfortable. The tanning system is meant to produce results, meaning that you can maintain your results in fewer sessions.

Ergoline 450

The Ergoline 450 features comfortability, a light design, and other premium features that you won’t get with other tanning beds. Ensuring the most flawless all around color, this bed delivers the maximum tan in minutes. Receive a completely customized total-body tanning experience that will leave you feeling relaxed.

X8 Standup Sun Capsule

The X8 Sun Capsule is meant for attaining the ideal head-to-toe tan. The fact that you have to stand during the tanning session, means that it helps cover every part of the body. The bulbs inside are more intense, meaning that you can spend less time inside and still acquire the beautiful tan you desire.

Become a Bronzed Beauty

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