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San Diego

Our Wellness Program

The Best Way To Start Your New Wellness Routine Is With A Spa Solarus Membership. We are located in San Diego Near Mission Valley.  Regardless, If You Are A Weekend Warrior, A Business Owner Or A Busy Mom On-The-Go, Your Body Works Very Hard Keeping You Healthy. Helping Your Body Should Be A Top Priority. Cryotherapy Uses Liquid Nitrogen to Lower The Temperature In the Space Cabin.  In Addition, this Involves Exposing Your Body To Extreme Cold Temperatures.  Additionally,  This is Known To Relieve Chronic Pain, and Help Issues Such As Multiple Sclerosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.   Also, This Treatment Is Well Known To Elite Pro Athlete Communities, For Example, LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Aqib Talib, and Etc. In Addition, Our Wellness Program, We Do Carry Services That Help You Look Your Best, Such As Indoor Tanning As Well As A Spray Tan.


Membership does make a Difference

  • We Can Setup A Membership Plan Tailored To You
  • As A Member, You Do Receive Preferred Pricing For A Friend or Loved One
  • Member Referrals Will Get You A Free Session Of Your Choice
  • Complimentary Heated Spray Tan

Our Services


Why Come To Us For Tanning?  We Love What We Do Here.  We Take Pride in The Maintenance And The Science Behind It.  It Is Not Just About Dark Skin Tan.  Its About the Glow Of Your Skin And The Lasting Result.


Cutting Edge Technology Brings An Innovation To Pain Reduction, and Combating Inflammation.  Find Out Why Elite Pro Athletes Use This Cold Treatment As Their Tool To Recovery.

Spray Tan

Spray Tanning A Spray Tan Is Very Special Service Because Whether The Occasion Is a Wedding, Graduation, Or Just A Night On The Town With Your Friends.  You Would Want The Spray Tan Done Right.  We Carry The VersaPro The Best Sunless Booth AVailable.  We Carry Only  Eco-Certified American Grade DHA.


Endermologie Is An FDA Approved treatment For Cellulite.  In Addition, This Can Also Help Weight Loss and Skin Tightening.  Our Certified Staff Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.


Our 4D LaserLipo System Is A Great Alternative To Traditional Liposuction Surgery.  This Procedure Is Non-Invasive.  LaserLipo Works Very Well Targeting Stubbborn Areas Such As Love Handles, Abdominal Section, and Inner Thighs.

Body Wrap

Our Infrared Body Wrap System Is A Proprietary System Which Is Unique To Our Spa Only.  Using New Techniques With Heating Jade Stones, New Insulating Blankets, And USing Both Far and Near Infrared Waves Will Force You To Release Free Fatty Acids, and Lose Weight.

Teeth Whitening

The Teeth Whitening Program Here Is A  Great Alternative To Using White Strips Which Can Take A Full Seven Days.  Our System Can Get Your Desired Result In One Or Two Days.  We Use A %35 Carbide Peroxide Bleaching Agent Along With A Laser Light Accelerator.

Fitness Consulting

Get the results you deserve with our one-on-one fitness consulting! Develop a training program that will allow you to set realistic goals for yourself. We can help you understand health assessments, lose weight, and tone your body. We provide you with expert advice that will allow you to make healthy choices while also getting a good workout. There's nothing better than having a mentor to help you along your fitness journey. Let us help you excel as an athlete and familiarize you with different workouts to target different areas.


This place is awesome! First time using a tanning bed and they made it super easy, comfortable and affordable.


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