Indoor Tanning

Our Indoor Tanning program only uses the best sun beds to Help you achieve the best Tan Possible!

You May Ask How Do We Know That? Here Are The Key Factors:


  • Wolff Lamps
  • Proprietary Lamp
  • UV Flux
  • Solar meter
  • UVA and UVB
Indoor Tanning

MAke an Informed Decision On Sun Beds





These Are The Answers To Key Questions You Need To Know To Make An Informed Decision.


Sun Beds

  • The Sun Beds We Chose Are Considered Work Horses Of The Industry.  They Have An Impeccable History Of Performance and Reliability.


Wolff System Lamps

  • Wolff System Tanning Lamps Are Considered By Many Experts In The Industry As The Gold Standard.  Our Medium Pressure Beds Carry The GoldenBronze Plus Which Is The Best Lamp Available For Our Sun Beds.  Wolff Lamps Is The Only  Lamp Supplier That Will Openly Show Specifications On UVA Output, UVB Output, And the Expected Life Of The Lamp.


Proprietary Lamps

  • Our Competition In The Area Uses Distributor "Proprietary Lamps".  You May Ask What Are Those? Well They are Private Label Lamps That Are Not Up To The Same Standards.  Do Not Be Fooled By An Inferior Lamp.  We Have Tested Two Different Types of "Proprietary Lamps" And The Results Were As Expected. First And Foremost, Tanning Lamps Lose Power The More Hours They Are Ran.   These Lower End Lamps lost About %50 Of Their Power At 200 Hrs (Very Bad).  The Lamp Itself Began To Die Around 400 Hrs. In Comparison,  Our Very First Set Of Wolff Lamps Kept %80 Of Its Power At 800 Hrs (Pretty Amazing).


Keep The Quality High

  • We Have Our Own Maintenance Technician On Site.  He Checks On A Weekly Basis The UV Flux Of All Our Sun Beds. UV Flux Determines The Strength Of A Lamp And Overall Power of The Sun Bed





UVA Is The Driving Force To Help You Achieve A Great Tan.  The Higher UVA The Better Your Tan Is.  UVB Does Play Its Part Too.  UVB Is Needed Initially To Get Melanin That is In Your Skin Activated.  Too Much UVB Is Bad Because It Can Damage your Skin.   The Average UVB Percentage Walking Around Outside Is Roughly %6.5.  Our Wolff Lamps Only Carry %1.4 UVB Which Makes Our Beds Very Safe Considering the Very Low UVB Percentage.


UV Flux Is The Total Power Of UVA And UVB. A Solar Meter Is a Device Used to Determine The UV Flux. 

The Bullet Points Below Show What A Good UV Flux Reading is

  • UV Flux Total From 30 Points To 55 Points Is Considered GREAT
  • 24 Points To 30 Points The Lamp Is Beginning To Die
  • Less Then 24 Points Is a Dead Lamp (To Us Anyway)
indoor Tanning

This Is An Actual Test Using a Solar Meter.  This Device Will Display The Total UV Flux.  The Reading on 05/9/2018 Came Out To 41.2 In Case You Have Difficulty Reading it.  The UV Spectrum Makes For a Difficult Picture.

Sun Beds and Indoor Tanning
Sun Beds And Indoor Tanning

Matrix L33

The Matrix L33 is a smart system that helps you achieve a uniform tan all around. This innovative machine is comfortable, satisfying, and ideal. The higher UVA rays allow for a deeper and long lasting tan, which means you need less maintenance than usual.

Ergoline 600 Classic

The Ergoline 600 Classic is a sunbed that accomplishes outstanding tanning results that last. The full length tanning lamps complete an even all around tan. The wide bed keeps you relaxed while the ventilation system keeps you comfortable.

Ergoline 450

The Ergoline 450 features comfort ability, a light design, and other premium features that you won’t get with other tanning beds. Ensuring the most flawless all around color, this bed delivers the maximum tan in minutes. Receive a completely customized total-body tanning experience that will leave you feeling relaxed.

X8 Standup Sun Capsule

The X8 Sun Capsule is meant for attaining the ideal head-to-toe tan. The fact that you have to stand during the tanning session, means that it helps cover every part of the body. The bulbs inside are more intense, meaning that you can spend less time inside and still acquire the beautiful tan you desire.

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